Digital Transformation Specialist

Described as “one of the most experienced and knowledgeable engineers in the field of BIM design.”

Member of BIM UK Alliance technical panel, Co-Author of UK BIM Alliance of Guidance Part 3, Edition 2 – BS EN ISO 19650 Operational phase of asset lifecycle  

Fascinated by the technology, strive for continuous improvement and possible gains by the implementation of R&D strategy and training.

Transforming Building Services with Digital Construction Tools

I am a digital technology specialist with a focus on building services. With extensive experience in the use of digital construction tools, processes, and standards, I help optimize project delivery by recommending proven software applications.

My expertise in bespoke craftsmanship manufacturing and building services allows me to guide clients on how to use technology to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

I offer a set of tools that can accelerate design and coordination, enabling faster installation of services on-site with fewer errors. Additionally, I can help clients obtain ISO 19650 accreditation and implement Building Information Modelling.

I can also evaluate project scope gaps, improve MEP design coordination, ensure compliance, and provide project progress reports.

My electrical design services include Maximum Demand assessments, MCCB settings and Selectivity Studies, LV Schematics, and Metering Strategies.

By leveraging my expertise, clients can improve their operations, optimize project delivery, and reduce waste. Contact me today to learn how I can help you achieve your goals.

Jarek Wityk

I'm a degree-trained engineer with extensive on-site experience in the construction industry.

As a building services technology expert, I specialize in leveraging digital construction tools, processes, and standards to help construction professionals implement Building Information Modelling (BIM) in their projects.

With my focus on time and efficiency, I offer a set of tools that can accelerate design and coordination, ultimately helping you to install services on-site with fewer errors.

My ambition is to add value to your construction projects and help you succeed in the competitive industry

I am Committed to Exceptional Customer Service and Getting the Job Done Right!


My aim is to challenge the construction industry professionals to add value relevant to the current and future industry state.  Strive to develop the ability to reach maximum potential and expand forms of knowledge and experience about the AEC industry


Determined to be the best in advancing engineering and design practices and supporting everyone who needs support with integrity. To achieve this, you can rely on my commitment to the highest standards of BIM design and engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

Information requirements for the delivery or operational phase of an asset include organisational, asset, and project information requirements.

The Appointing Party shall provide all asset and project information required for asset management and project delivery through sets of exchange information requirements (EIR). Incorporate them into project-related appointments or instructions and pass them down the supply chain.

The EIR includes three main areas:

  • Technical: Software platforms, level of detail definitions.
  • Management: Details of management techniques to be used on a project
  • Commercial: Details of BIM Model deliverables, scheduling of data transmission, and definitions of information purposes

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The purpose of the federation strategy and the Information Container (model) breakdown structure is to help plan the production of information by separate task teams to the appropriate Level of Information Need at each stage of the project.

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