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Organization of information


BS EN ISO 23386:2020

Building information modelling and other digital processes used in construction Methodology to describe, author and maintain properties in interconnected data dictionaries

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Final Circuit

A circuit connected directly to current-using equipment, or to a socket-outlets or other outlet points for the connection of such equipment.

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Quantity Surveyor (QS)

person who provides financial and contractual advice and services for planning, carrying out and completion (3.5.23) of construction works

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The tender response for designing, constructing and operating the existing building and the additional extension shall include the project budget’s bid documentation. The budget must

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Distribution board

An assembly containing protective devices associated with one or more outgoing circuits fed from an incoming circuit. In the ProDesign software,a distribution board (DB) may

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It is best to define “data” in the context of “information”. Data is the evidence, while information provides context for that evidence. Data is a

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Construction Manager at Risk

Various key characteristics of CM@Risk include: there are separate contracts for design services and for construction services; the contract for construction services may be entered

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BS 8536-1:2015

Briefing for design and construction Part 1: Code of practice for facilities management (Buildings infrastructure)

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An ontology is a set of rules that make it possible to link data on a semantic level. Means the unstructured, semi-structured data can be

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Product Data Template (PDT)

The document aimed to be used by manufacturers and consumers where information about a product, is collated in a standardised and structured way. The information

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NWD designates the published version of a Navisworks file with all loaded models, viewpoints, redlines, and comments saved to a single file. This file type

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open interoperability

the meaning and benefits: single procurement of information that can be relied upon over time, removing the need for it to be repeatedly re-procured; a

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Lean construction

Lean Construction is the method of project management aiming to reduce waste on a project and improving the efficiency and quality of produced work [1].

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asset management

coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets Note 1 to entry: Realization of value will normally involve a balancing of costs, risks,

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system of insight

A system of insights can helps your company make decisions, and it is designed to be part of business decision-making process. It involves gather data,

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AD Hoc Group (AHG)

AD HOC GROUP (AHG) Group set up within a committee to look into a particular problem and report back to the parent committee at a meeting.

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