deactivation request

A deactivation request corresponds to a modification of the property. After validating of the deactivation request by the experts, the value of the calculated status of the property changes to “inactive”. The property is not deleted from the system (property archive). EXAMPLE The user found a property which is no longer applicable and proposes to […]

replacement request

A replacement request corresponds to the creation of the property and the deactivation of the property it replaces. After validation of the replacement request by the experts, the replaced property is deactivated. Its calculated status changes to “inactive”. Its PA012 attribute is automatically populated with the globally unique identifier of the property that replaces it. […]

merge request

A merge request corresponds to the creation of one property and the deactivation of several properties. After validation of the merge request by the experts, the merged properties are deactivated. The calculated status of the merged properties changes to “inactive”, PA012 attributes are then automatically populated with the globally unique identifier of the created property […]

Management of duplicates

The procedure to remove duplicate properties shall be carried out on the relevant attributes. The management of duplicates cannot be fully automated. BS EN ISO 23386:2020

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is the process of creating products by layering materials until a complete 3D object is created. The process can transform digital design data and turn it into physical object using materials, such as plastic, metal, ceramic, concrete. chocolate and even human tissue. AM has the potential to […]

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is more than just manufacturing. Smart, connected technologies transform how we design, manufacture, use and maintain parts, products, and entire buildings. The interconnected technology also changes the way organizations use and respond to information to achieve operational goals and continuously improve project team and end-user experience. [1] BIM and Digital Construction should be […]

Semantic Web

The Semantic Web, as defined by Ontotext[1] is the extension of the existing information and data on a network (or Web) to include data descriptors, which are intended to allow machines to make “meaningful interpretations” of the information in a similar way to how humans process information. Evolution of the Semantic Web is leading to […]

Fabrication Model

Digital Model(s) created from shop drawings to support fabrication and installation. Fabrication models are reviewed and approved by the A/E for conformance to design specifications.1 1 The Massachusetts Port Authority, 2015. BIM Guidelines for Vertical and Horizontal Construction.

Information Delivery Manual (IDM)

information delivery manual (IDM) Documentation that captures the business process and specifies in detail the information that a user performing a particular role is required to provide at a particular point in the project’s lifecycle.[1] [1] ISO 29481-1:2016 clause 3.10