Project delivery team

In respect of asset lifetime PAS 1192-2:2013, describes one project delivery team, the term is connected with word ‘contract’ meaning one or many companies or individuals employed either directly or indirectly to provide services or products to the employer The project structure and leadership changes as required during the project delivery or operation. In ISO […]

Delivery team

In ISO 19650 the Delivery team term replaces the term ‘ Project Delivery team’ the meaning meant to remain the same, but the change puts the client (Appointing Party) outside of the Delivery Team. Delivery Team forms part of a Project Team The term is not depended on a contract and is comparable to Task […]


BIM roles are not necessarily related to specialist positions. It should be viewed as a function that could be fulfilled by more than one person and allow the transfer of the functions between individuals holistically [1] Information management roles are not included within BS EN ISO 19650‑2. Instead, all activities within the information management process […]


The functions shall not be confused with the job titles of the individuals, which can differ between organisations. The important factors are ownership, responsibility and authority. The functions and responsibilities should be outlined in the RACI[1] Matrix at an organizational level, not an individual level. For project lifecycle-specific roles and responsibilities, please refer to individual […]


In the construction industry, ‘supplier’ refers to a provider of services or goods. The supplier can provide goods or services directly to the ultimate client or another supplier. The publication of ISO 19650 set of standards introduced a change in how project parties are being referenced depending on the hierarchy the term supplier has been […]

Appointed party

The appointed party term introduced in BS EN ISO 19650 it is meant to replace PAS 1192 term ‘Supplier’ Typically it means Tier 2 and below Contractors Who can become an Appointed party?     UK BIM Alliance responding to the inconsistency between current guidance of CIC BIM Protocol, Second Edition 2018 and ISO 19650 Framework […]


set of interrelated or interacting activities that transforms inputs into outputs [SOURCE: ISO 9000:2005, definition 3.4.1 (without notes)] ISO 14040:2006(en), 3.11 It is a PAS1192 term replaced by term ‘workflow’ in ISO 19650 framework


The term ‘workflow’ is used in ISO 19650 instead of the PAS 1192 term ‘process’.

Facility management (FM)

Facility management (FM) is an organizational function that integrates people and processes within the built environment to improve the functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of the core business.