BIM Stages

ELI5-S1:BIM Basics: E13_Understanding BIM Stages Understanding BIM Stages: Transitioning from BIM Levels to a Modern Framework In the world of Building Information Modeling (BIM), we often come across terms like BIM Levels and BIM Stages. While BIM Levels have been the foundation for many professionals, the industry is gradually shifting towards the more comprehensive framework […]


a professional and informative illustration that represents the concept of 'X-ref in Construction and BIM'

The term “X-ref” is commonly used as an abbreviation for “External Reference” in various technical and engineering fields, including construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and computer-aided design (CAD). Here’s a brief overview: In summary, X-refs are a fundamental component of modern design and construction processes, enabling efficient, collaborative, and integrated workflows across various specialities.

Exchange Information Requirements (EIR)

The Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) term introduced by BS EN 19650 replaces the PAS 1192 term Employer Information Requirements (EIR) on all projects where BS EN ISO 19650 compliance is required. As the AEC industry transitions from PAS 1192 to the BS EN 19650 Framework, the term Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) may cause some confusion. […]

acceptance criteria

evidence required for considering that requirements have been fulfilled [cited from ISO 19650-2:2018(en),] Information issued via the Common Data Environment (CDE) must comply with Project Information Requirements (PIR) outlined within the Responsibility Matrix to form part of project deliverables. As such, all information circulated via the CDE needs to comply with the following: Project […]


Equivalent to ISO 19650 term ‘information container’


Equivalent to the term ‘Information container’

information container

ELI5-S1 BIM Basics E12_Information Container explained A persistent set of information retrievable from within a file, system, or application storage hierarchy. [1] named persistent set of information retrievable from within a file, system or application storage hierarchy[SOURCE: BS EN ISO 19650-1:2018, 3.3.12] EXAMPLE: Including sub-directory, information file (including model, document, table, schedule), or distinct sub-set […]


An electronic, three-dimensional representation of built asset or facility elements with associated intelligentattribute data (“Facility Data”). A Model term used in PAS 1192 specification has been replaced by term ‘Information model’ in ISO 19650 set of standards. ISO 19650 focuses specifically on the concept of the information model containing multiple types of information geometrical and/or […]

Information model

set of structured and unstructured information containers (3.3.12) [cited from ISO 19650-1:2018(en), 3.3.8] ISO 19650 framework concentrates specifically on the information model concept, a term that contains multiple types of information (geometrical and/or non-geometrical). Term ‘Information model’ replaces the term ‘Model’ introduced in PAS 1192‑2 which was inconsistently used. formal model of a set of facts, concepts […]

Project delivery team

In respect of asset lifetime PAS 1192-2:2013, describes one project delivery team, the term is connected with word ‘contract’ meaning one or many companies or individuals employed either directly or indirectly to provide services or products to the employer The project structure and leadership changes as required during the project delivery or operation. In ISO […]