carbon sink

A carbon sink is a natural or artificial reservoir that captures and stores morecarbon than it releases. Examples include forests, oceans, soil and potentially timber buildings. We need these reservoirs to capture existing atmospheric carbon at the same time as we need to reduce our carbon emissions to turn off the tap and stop pouring […]


In environmental justice, ecocide is the criminalised activity of substantially harming or destroying ecosystems in their entirety or by harming individual species. At time of writing, 10 countries have criminalised ecocide, but the effectiveness of these laws depends on the ability and willingness to enforce them. [1] [1] Gürdür Broo, D., Lamb, K., Juvenile Ehwi, […]

Required Standard

means the level of skill and care applicable to the Party’s equivalent obligation under the Appointment. [1] [1] UK BIM Framework, 2020. Information protocol to support BS EN ISO 19650-2 the delivery phase of assets.

Facility Lifecycle

This refers to the time span stretching from a building’s conception to demolition including the five distinctive phases (Planning, Design, Construction, Operations, and Disposition).1 1 The Massachusetts Port Authority, 2015. BIM Guidelines for Vertical and Horizontal Construction.