Construction Design

Our approach in Electrical System Design combines the latest in MEP Design Solutions and Power System Planning, ensuring that your project is aligned with the best practices in the industry. Utilizing tools like Autodesk Revit, I offer Integrated Electrical Solutions that seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency.

Contractor Design & M&E Solutions

Refining RIBA Stage 3/4 design to completion, focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Transforming unfinished designs into robust, cost-effective systems.

Lighting, Power, and Distribution Design

Integrating compliance with functionality for optimal lighting and power solutions.

BIM Project Requirements & 3D Modelling

Utilizing Autodesk Revit and CAD for precise and efficient design execution.
Leveraging top-tier design tools for precise and efficient execution.

Comprehensive Reports & Analysis

From M&E Condition Reports to Selectivity Studies, ensuring informed decisions and compliance.

Compliance Studies

Aligning technical possibilities with your project vision.

Designing the Future of Electrical Engineering

Our lead Jarek a seasoned designer, bring a unique blend of technology, and efficiency to your projects. With over 30 years of practical experience, we specialise in Electrical Design Services that meet the unique demands of your project. Trust in our expertise to ensure your systems are safe, efficient, optimally suited, and sustainable.

Value Engineering

Our value engineering service focuses on maximising efficiency and functionality with compliance. I offer in-depth scope-gap analysis, cost reduction strategies, and risk management, ensuring projects exceed performance and budget expectations.

Efficient Design Communication

Simplified Visuals: De-clutter overlays to focus on key information.

Digital Integration: Enhance drawings with QR codes and hyperlinks for instant 3D view access.

Targeted Communication: Focus on essential details, avoiding information overload.

Lighting Design & Control

Blending aesthetic and functional aspects for optimal lighting solutions.

LV Distribution & Lightning Protection

Ensuring safety and compliance in power distribution.

Maximum Demand Calculations

Essential for project development and energy efficiency.

Selectivity Studies & MCCB Settings

Guaranteeing the safety and reliability of your electrical systems.

Metering Strategy Design

Tailoring metering systems for accuracy and compliance.

System Selection & Coordination

Optimise functionality by aligning technical options with project needs and coordinating services within spatial constraints

Core Services

With over 30 years of practical experience and technical expertise, we save you both time and money by providing design solutions that truly work.

We are dedicated to your project’s success

We value long-term relationships and personalised service.

Project Requirements Analysis with ChatGPT

Learn how to use ChatGPT to analyse project requirements effectively, avoiding common pitfalls, and ensure accurate results.

Discover techniques for applying detailed coding and refining prompts for comprehensive project reviews.

Identify scope gaps and contradictions and optimise value engineering opportunities with expert insights.

RIBA Stage 2 – Concept Design

Expert guidance on M&E systems, focusing on hospitals and large-scale projects. We prepare comprehensive project briefs, considering sustainability, quality, and spatial requirements.

RIBA Stage 3 – Developed Design

Addressing technical and spatial challenges, ensuring compliance and efficient coordination. Our expertise shines in refining and completing consultant designs.

RIBA Stage 4 – Detailed MEP Design

Our attention to detail rectifies common design flaws. We specialise in resolving issues arising from late changes and incomplete benchmarks.

RIBA Stage 5 – Construction Phase

Managing site queries and overseeing design sequencing. Our detailed drawings and close collaboration with site teams ensure seamless execution.

RIBA Stage 6 – Handover and Close Out

Providing comprehensive commissioning services, including Black Building Test procedures, to ensure safety and functional integrity post-emergency.

Project Stage Specific Services

At PROJECT DESIGN (IO) LTD, we specialise in taking your electrical design from concept to completion, focusing on RIBA Stages 3 and 4.

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