Revit Components

Unlock superior electrical design building blocks with our specialised Revit Component Families (RFAc).

These foundational elements are the bedrock upon which our comprehensive Revit Families are built, offering electrical design professionals a la carte access to highly functional components.

Our RFAc range includes everything from socket outlets, isolators, fused connection units, data outlets, fire smoke detectors, security devices, and speciality equipment.

💡 Our RFAc Component Families are built with purpose in mind!

The definition of the level of information contained in our Revit Families is proportional to its purpose provided by a combination of geometrical information and alphanumerical information.

The purpose

The families are defined to provide outputs suitable for:

  • spatial coordination,
  • rendering purposes
  • quantity take-off

We mastered visual complexity with realistic representation and dimensional accuracy. Each component is designed with the same level of graphical detail as our top-tier Revit Families (RFA) but with streamlined informational content and fewer parameters, making them highly efficient building blocks for your Revit projects.

We are proud of the rigorous, consistent naming and classification approach that has been developed in alignment with the industry-leading naming system established by Gavin Crump (BIM Guru).

Say goodbye to the limitations of designing electrical projects in AutoCAD; with our Revit Families, you’ll experience a new standard in design flexibility and accuracy.

Elevate your electrical designs with our industry-leading Revit Families today!

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