Product Data Template (PDT)

The document aimed to be used by manufacturers and consumers where information about a product, is collated in a standardised and structured way. The information is structured in the form of relational properties which can be connected to other data which can be automatically analysed for quality control, therefore being both machine and human-readable.

data template

schema providing a data structure used to describe the properties of objects NOTE The relevant scope of the data template should be used together with the term “data template”. E.g. a data template for a product should be named “product data template”. A data template for a system should be named “system data template”, etc. […]

Model Production Delivery Table (MPDT)

An MPDT its old PAS 1192 term, the MPDT defines who produces what, when and to what level of detail. The recent publication of ISO 19650 standards does not include the term. The situation does introduce a level of confusion as some think that MPDT is now called the Responsibility Matrix in ISO. “High-Level Responsibility […]

Product Data Definition

A Product Data Definition (PDD) document intended to provide a consistent methodology for the definition, creation, management and sharing of product information throughout the life cycle of an asset, based on the purpose of that information and by whom the information is to be used, meant to be part of PAS 1192-7 aimed to provide […]