Facility management (FM)

Facility management (FM) is an organizational function that integrates people and processes within the built environment to improve the functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of the core business.

asset management

coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets Note 1 to entry: Realization of value will normally involve a balancing of costs, risks, opportunities and performance benefits.Note 2 to entry: Activity can also refer to the application of the elements of the asset management system.Note 3 to entry: The term “activity” has a […]

BS EN ISO 19650-3:2020

Organization and digitization of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling (BIM) – Information management using building information modelling Part 3: Operational phase of the assets

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Describes the functions, duties, and labour associated with the operations of an asset, including repairs, replacement of parts and structural components, and other activities needed to maintain an asset.


An asset is anything that has potential or actual value, whether a resource or a value that can be converted into capital. An organisation or individual expects the asset to provide future benefits to its employees, customers, or environment. In AEC Industry ‘asset’ is often interchangeable with a built asset. In the context of BS […]

Emergency Voice Communication System (EVCS)

An Emergency Voice Communication System (EVCS) or (EVC) is a fixed, monitored and maintained, bidirectional, full duplex voice communication system (Refuge system) designed to facilitate the orderly evacuation of disabled or mobility-impaired individuals and to improve the communication of firefighters during emergencies. Intended uses for an EVCS In the early stages of evacuation, before the […]

BS 8536-1:2015

Briefing for design and construction Part 1: Code of practice for facilities management (Buildings infrastructure)

BS ISO 55002:2018

Asset management — Management systems Guidelines for the application of ISO 55001

Built Environment

All forms of buildings (residential, industrial, commercial, hospitals, schools), all economic infrastructure (above and below ground) and the urban space and landscape between and around buildings and infrastructure3, as well as the services and activities provided through these spaces and assets. [1] [1] Gürdür Broo, D., Lamb, K., Juvenile Ehwi, R., Anneli Pärn, E., 2020. […]