ISO/TS 12911:2012

Framework for building information modelling (BIM) guidance STANDARDS BY ISO/TC 59/SC 13


physical structure (asset) or installation, including related site, works, serving one or more main purposeNOTE: Typically, a facility will require management over part or all of its life cycle. The term “facility” in BS 8536 is often used to refer to buildings or complexes, encompassing the physical structure and the services required to support its […]

life cycle

stages and activities spanning the life of the system from the definition of its requirements to thetermination of its use, covering its conception, development, operation, maintenance support and disposal NOTE 1 Adapted from IEC 61508 and ISO/IEC 15288:2008, definition 4.10.NOTE 2 Adapted from ISO/TR 18529:2000, Clause 3. PD ISO/TS 12911:2012 RIBA Plan Of Work 2020 […]


structure of processes and specifications designed to support the accomplishment of a specific task[ISO/IEEE 11073-10201:2004, definition 3.22] PD ISO/TS 12911:2012

IDM standard

BS EN ISO 29481-1 Building information models – Information delivery manual (IDM) PD ISO/TS 12911:201