Lean construction

Lean Construction is the method of project management aiming to reduce waste on a project and improving the efficiency and quality of produced work [1]. The aim to reduce overproduction, to minimise handling, storage and transportation, or to remove processes that do not add value. Improvement of processes to reduce waiting times or rework, and […]

Target Value Design

Target Value Designs (TVD) focus is on reducing the cost of a project without reducing the quality of the end product or extending the timetable. The team sets a cost target for the design and construction, which is usually the current estimate. TVD aims to achieve this goal by defining costs as a design limitation […]

Set-Based Design

Set-Based Design commonly referred to as a set-based design innovation or set-based concurrent engineering. It is a product development approach where teams consider a wide range of design alternatives (a “set”) and systematically reduce the set to a final, often superior choice.[1] Set-based design is not a new concept, but Toyota calls it set-based concurrent […]

Collaborative Design

Working with different teams is probably the most difficult part of the design process. It is important to note that a collaborative design process is not about someone else creating the entire design solution, but about establishing a process and creating a space where different people and different perspectives that are valuable to the outcome […]

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The industrial IoT (IIoT) forms an integral part of Industry 4.0, and smart manufacturing refers to interconnected sensors, and other input/output devices linked to manufacturing applications, supporting industrial automation and digitalisation. The secure wired and wireless connectivity, the modular framework allows flexible production and adaptation of production lines responding to pull requests.

Digital Construction

The terminology such as digital built environment and smart asset management, often referred to as Digital Construction, encompasses multiple technologies and processes related to information or project management and the management of related actionable events that trigger various outcomes. It can be said that the digitalization of construction began with designers moving from drawing boards […]

Virtual Design and Construction

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is the use of design models and project information to apply construction processes in a virtual environment to reduce time, cost, and ensure design intent. The specific concept is to inexpensively prevent, and if necessary, to expose and fix errors and omissions in an electronic representation of a project rather […]

How to respond to request for proposal (RFP)

Introduction It can be said that the digitalization of construction began with designers moving from drawing boards to computers. [1] In Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation (ACEO), the focus has shifted with the industry embedding Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Management and digital technologies. I the past year, businesses, faced an immediate shift in organisational […]

BIM and Lean Construction

Introduction The term referred to as Lean Construction aims to reduce overproduction, minimise handling, storage, transportation, or remove processes that do not add value. The Construction industry recognized the potential of BIM and lean Construction’s interaction to reduce waste on construction projects. When considering the global construction growth, for example, a single country such as […]