Gross Internal Area (GIA)

The total area of buildings owned, occupied, or maintained, measured to the internal face of the perimeter walls at each floor level, is referred to as GIA (i.e. the footprint of the building excluding the width of the outside walls)


a measure of ability to perform and function [cited from ISO 19650-1:2018(en), 3.3.18]

trigger event

a planned or unplanned event that changes an asset (3.2.8) or it’s status during its life cycle (3.2.10), which results in information exchange (3.3.7) [cited from ISO 19650-1:2018(en), 3.2.13]


state of relative freedom from threat (3.13) or harm caused by deliberate, unwanted, hostile or malicious acts [cited from ISO 19650-5:2020(en), 3.7]

plan of work

It is a project-specific “digitally checkable” framework set-up to ensure that the deliverables of all contributors are identified and appropriate to the decisions required at each work stage. The plan of work should be adopted by the project team as the basis for delivering and operating the asset/facility.[1] According to BS EN ISO 19650-2:2018, […]

information requirement

The information needed to support a business or other activity. specification for what, when, how and for whom information (3.3.1) is to be produced [cited from ISO 19650-1:2018(en), 3.3.2] Term directly related to: Employer Information Requirements (EIR), sometimes referred to as Employer Requirements (ER) – Both replaced by Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) by BS 19650 framework. Organizational Information […]

information delivery milestone

scheduled event for a predefined information exchange [cited from ISO 19650-2:2018(en),] Milestones act as signposts through the course of a project. An information delivery milestone is a point in time that signifies a change or stage in information development. Milestones are useful in project management because they show key deliverables and help to plan […]


weakness that can be exploited to cause harm [cited from ISO 19650-5:2020(en), 3.15]


correlation between the outcome and the resources used a measure of the utilization of resources to realize a given objective Note 1 to entry: An activity is efficient if it minimizes the use of resources, or produces better performance with the same resources. [SOURCE: ISO 11620:2014, definition 3.16]ISO 5127:2017(en), output work divided by input work [ ISO […]

Quality Planning (QP)

Quality Planning (QP) is a framework which specifies quality standards, practices, resources, and the sequence of activities The quality plan should define:[1] Objectives to be achieved A workflow that represents the operating practice or procedures of the organization Allocation of responsibilities, authority, and resources Documented standards, practices, procedures, and instructions Audit programs at appropriate stages […]