BIM Functions

Examples of the project BIM functions are listed below. Besides, each party within the project team responsible for the creation of design information are to appoint a person(s) to undertake the activities of the Task Team functions For all consultants and sub-contractors with design responsibility, BIM duties will include (not exhaustive): Producing 3D design models […]


Bid response should include a scope management plan containing all the tasks necessary for successful project delivery. The plan shall define the implementation and verification of workflows. A project should include a scope management plan to help allocate resources ensuring the project is completed with the expected quality and identifying what is not part of […]


The tender response for designing, constructing and operating the existing building and the additional extension shall include the project budget’s bid documentation. The budget must incorporate the total amount of financial resources needed for the project’s delivery and operation phase, not only the design and construction but also the maintenance and prospected repairs or asset. […]


In the context of project management, the resources refer to optimizing the use of resources for successful project execution and the management of resources in the project. [1] Therefore, the bid response shall include a schedule for delivery and operational phases and include all resources required. The planning process of such a schedule will most […]

Risk management

Risk management provides an overview of using risk analysis as an organized method for identifying and measuring risks. How to effectively assemble and manage a project team and effectively assemble project teams in the context of risk management and project planning. [1] The key in risk management is the ability to analyse potential risks to […]

Project setup

During project setup phase It is essential to establish and analyse a timeline that guides the entire team in delivering the project on time. Thus the prospective Lead Appointed Party must communicate with the prospective Appointed Parties to provide a project programme in line with the Appointing Party requirements.  The timetable (Programme) provided at the […]

Work standards and workflows

Project management focuses on project completion by the execution of various processes. Most of the workflows comprising repetitive tasks can be optimised by applying workflow management systems. Automation-optimized business processes can increase operational efficiency, improve employee performance, and increase competitive advantages. The development of the workflows should consider the delivery and operational phase; therefore, the […]


After the project is completed, the Appointing Party expects to receive Asset Information Model (AIM) compliant with the Exchange Information Requirements (EIR).   The aim is to support the life cycle of the asset reducing unplanned maintenance and enabling life cycle savings. This process involves efficient execution, maintenance and storage of all communication, verification and […]

Lessons learned

Although BS EN ISO 19650-2: 2018 recommend that lessons learned should be captured throughout the entire project, the standard is dedicated for the delivery phase only. Hence project party can consider use of BS EN ISO 19650 Part 3 as leading guidance for the project delivery it is critical that the lessons learned framework also […]

tension between hope and ambiguity

term coined by Deloitte[1], it is a current situation where whilst businesses conceptually understand the significant changes that information Management (IM) and technology may bring, they have divergent agendas and mutually incompatible priorities, as well as a lack of clarity regarding how their organisations can benefit.[2] [1] Deloitte (2020) The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Deloitte, London, […]