Our Services Include

Personalised guidance through ISO 19650's purpose and processes Clarifying BIM's evolving terminology and exchange requirements Tailoring ISO 19650 information management strategies to fit your organization

Information Exchange

Understanding and managing information exchange: determining the who, what, when, and how

Resolving interoperability issues within your existing systems Enhancing informed decision-making through a clear understanding of BIM processes

Why It Matters:

Implementing the UK BIM Framework and ISO 19650 standards is crucial for enhancing your project’s efficiency and compliance. Our expert guidance ensures you navigate these complexities with ease, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

How We Make Your Life Better:

• Reduce Complexity: We handle the complexities of BIM and ISO compliance, so you don’t have to.

• Save Time: Our efficient processes mean fewer delays and faster implementation.

• Cut Costs: By avoiding rework and optimizing designs, we help you stay within budget.

• Expect Quality: Our expertise ensures all systems are integrated smoothly and meet the highest standards

UK BIM Framework Implementation

We know navigating the UK BIM Framework and ISO 19650 standards can be complex and overwhelming. We are here to simplify the process, ensuring your business adapts and benefits from these industry standards seamlessly.

Why Choose PROJECT DESIGN (IO) for Your BIM Needs?

We bring expertise in BIM and ISO 19650, simplifying complex industry standards for your organisation.

Our personalised approach ensures smooth and efficient implementation of BIM.

With our support, your organization will thrive in the digital construction space.

  • BIM Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • Cyber Essential
  • BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental management system
  • BS OHSAS 18001_Occupational H&S management system
  • ISO 9001 Quality management system
  • Company letterhead
  • BIM Gap Analysis Assessment Report
  • Immersive visit plan
  • Evidence of implementation Procedures
  • Evidence of processes for establishing common data environment
  • Evidence of BEP and EIR management
  • Implementation reports
  • Project-specific lessons learned reports
  • BIM Gap Analysis Assessment Report
  • Immersive visit plan

Evidence of implementation

  • Evidence of BEP and EIR management
  • Project specific evidence of EIR development
  • Evidence of capability assessments

Examples of Standard Methods and Procedures (SMP)

  • 05601_Electrical COBie SMP
  • 05602_Security COBie SMP
  • 05620_Revit Family Setting up (lighting)
  • Evidence of coordination and collaboration
  • Project Specific Lessons Learned