Better Information Management
Better Information Management


We need to accommodate the desire for simplification with flexibility while keeping the information management tight enough to be effective.

Why we excited about BIM

The most recent UK mandate, outlined within Transforming Infrastructure Performance: Roadmap to 2030, calls for the government the overarching approach to implementing BIM in the UK. PROJECT DESIGN (IO) LTD is supporting organizations to address the UK BIM Framework requirements and improve productivity.

In the 1950s and 1960s, computing power grew rapidly, promising businesses new ways to streamline processes and gain insight and control. Due to rapid development, new Information Management (IM) system’s had to be identified.

Seven decades later however, we at construction sector are still struggling to benefit from new technologies, part of the problem is resistance to change and bias in the priorities within organization.

Our Services

PROJECT DESIGN (IO) LTD  can assist you in the implementation of the UK BIM Framework, from delivery to operation. Our service will help the adoption of ISO 19650 standards within your organisation by addressing the key UK BIM Framework components in the context of your organisation.

The general feel is that the guidance contained within the ISO 19650 Framework is complex, especially challenging are the constantly evolving terminology and exchange requirements.

We can contextualize the BIM according to ISO 19650 information management key components which are needed to establish exchange of information.

We can help you establishing what, when how and from whom information is required, moreover we will provide clarity allowing accountability, and avoid  interoperability issues within your existing systems.

Enhance your company information management based on ISO 19650 framework via guidance on:

  1. Why is information exchanged
  2. What type of information is exchanged
  3. When is information exchanged
  4. What amount of information is exchanged
  5. Who is exchanging the information

Understanding of the processes will enable the realization of the purpose, urgency, and significance of the actions taken during the information exchange, thereby facilitating informed decision-making.

ISO 19650 templates

ISO 19650 Certification: Essential Documentation Requirements Example for Your Business

  • 5000_BIM Implementation Plan
  • 5010_Project Implementation Plan
  • 5113 _Information Protocol (Delivery Strategy)
  • 5114 _Information Protocol (Naming Strategy)
  • 5115 _Information Protocol (Internal sign-off)
  • 5120_OIR Organizational Information Requirements
  • 5140_AIR Asset Information Requirement
  • 5170_Establish project’s common data environment (CDE)
  • 5220_EIR Exchange Information Requirements
  • 5221_COBie Delivery & Responsibilities
  • 5320_BEP Pre-Appointment
  • 5321_Information management assignment matrix (RACI)
  • 5331_Competency
  • 5351_Mobilization Plan (Training, Hardware & Software Requirements)
  • 5360_Delivery Team’s Risk Register
  • 5410_BEP Post-Appointment
  • 5420_Detailed Responsibility Matrix (DPoW)
  • 5440_Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP)
  • 5450_Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP)
  • 5630_Collaboration and Coordination (Clash Detection SMP)
  • 5631_Collaboration and Coordination (Model Protocol and QA)
  • 5632 _Clash Management Process
  • 5330_Delivery Team Capability & Capacity
  • 5331_Competency Assessment
  • 5800_Post Appointment assessment
  • BIM Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • Cyber Essential
  • BS EN ISO 14001_Environmental management system
  • BS OHSAS 18001_Occupational H&S management system
  • ISO 9001_Quality management system
  • Company letterhead
  • BIM Gap Analysis Assessment Report
  • Immersive visit plan

Evidence of implementation

  • 5115 _Information Protocol (Internal sign-off)
  • 5170_Establish project’s common data environment (CDE)
  • Evidence of processes for establishing CDE, and the management of CDE.
  • Evidence of BEP and EIR management
  • Project specific evidence of EIR development
  • Evidence of capability assessments

Examples of Standard Methods and Procedures (SMP)

  • 05601_Electrical COBie SMP
  • 05602_Security COBie SMP
  • 05620_Revit Family Setting up (lighting)
  • Evidence of coordination and collaboration
  • Project Specific Lessons Learned
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