UK-standard 13Amp two-gang IP Rated socket outlet


Product Description

UK-standard 13Amp two-gang IP-rated socket outlet. Tailor its finish effortlessly via the Material property for seamless integration into your project.


  • Identity Data:
    • Date Created: 2023-08-28
    • Date Modified: 2024-04-23
    • Version: v22.0.1
    • Revit Version: 2022
  • Size (mm): 171w x 117h x 81d
  • Host: Face
  • Material and Finishes:
    • Body: PD_MAT_GRY_Plastic
    • Body: PD_MAT_WHI_Plastic
    • Switch: PD_MAT_RED_Plastic
    • Fixing: PD_MAT_Steel
    • Seal: PD_MAT_BLK_Rubber
  • Parametric behaviour: No
  • Electrical Connector: No
  • COBie data: No
  • File Size:

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