Comparison of ISO 19650 Part 2 and 3

Workflow comparison First, I constructed an information exchange process diagram based on ISO 19650 Part 2 dedicated to the delivery phase of an asset lifecycle (project delivery). Next, I have created an equivalent process for asset operation in accordance with ISO 19650 Part 3. The workflow is depicted in Figure 1 the process shown illustrates […]

Contract Particulars

Contract Particulars refer to the document outlining the Framework Agreement’s specific core terms, which may include but are not limited to the Pricing Schedule, Authorised Officer, Contract Manager, Key Personnel, and Specification (as defined in the Call-Off Terms and Conditions), as well as any other contract-specific details included in the document. Any local authority or […]

BIM thinking ahead

I decided to challenge myself and explore existing and emerging technologies in order to estimate what could we achieve during the next 30 years. The question is considered in terms of an ever-evolving process of change and improvement within the Construction Industry. I do not believe that we can consider improvement as a finite process. […]

UK National Annex 2021 Discipline vs Role

The field ‘Role’ has been renamed ‘Discipline’ in the most recent edition of BS EN ISO-2 19650-2:2018 NA February 2021. The previously used role codes, derived from BS 1192:2007, had conflicts associated with contractual statuses such as client, contractor, and subcontractor, or sometimes inappropriate use of occupation title such as architect. [1] As a result, […]

BS EN ISO 19650-2 UK National Annex (NA) 2021 status and suitability reference table

BS EN ISO 19650-2 2018, NA 02/2021 Status Code Suitability Action by Information State (at any project stage): Work in progress (WIP) S0 Information developed within a task team [C], [B] Information State (at any project stage): Shared (non-contractual) S1 coordination [C], [B] S2 information/reference [A], [B], [C] S3 review and comment [B] S4 review […]

How to respond to request for proposal (RFP)

Introduction It can be said that the digitalization of construction began with designers moving from drawing boards to computers. [1] In Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation (ACEO), the focus has shifted with the industry embedding Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Management and digital technologies. I the past year, businesses, faced an immediate shift in organisational […]

Post-COVID 19 pandemic Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry

Introduction The COVID19 pandemic has impacted global health and the economy. This report explores the shift in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and associated technology, its impact on health and safety, and ways of minimising the pandemic’s effect. The investigated concept of Internet of Things (IoT), smart building, and digital twins as a potential to improve […]

The Museum of the Future

Introduction The idea to connect 3D CAD models with construction programs (4th Dimension) was formulated in 1986-87 when Bechtel collaborated with Hitachi Ltd to develop the 4D visual model[1] The 4D technique has been established by Martin Fischer from Stanford University[2] who proposed visual planning and scheduling to create one of the main processes in […]

Integrated Digital Delivery

History History’s Professor, Yuval Noah Harari, in his book Homo Sapiens reached a conclusion that humans developed an ability to transmit information about things that do not really exist (stories), such ability to believe in stories about tribal spirits, nations, limited liability companies and human rights (Cognitive Revolution), allowed us, humans, to form large and […]

The future of BIM Managers in the AEC Industry

The future of BIM Manager The ‘BIM Manager’ role is discussed here in broad terms of management, not confined into a specific BIM role.[1] The function of BIM Manager already evolved switching from a single source of responsibility to project team ’with no dedicated BIM specific staff member[2] in smaller teams, and BIM specific project […]