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Digital Construction (electrical)

Industry 4.0 in AEC, means to me a decentralized connection between the physical space and the cyberspace through global connectivity.

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Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) term introduced by BS EN 19650 replace the PAS 1192 term Employer Information Requirements (EIR) on all projects where BS EN ISO 19650 compliance is required.

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The term introduced by ISO 19650 typically describes the Tier 1 Main Contractor.

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breakdown structure to help plan the production of information

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schedule of information containers and delivery dates, for a specific task team

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An MPDT its old PAS 1192 term, the MPDT defines who produces what, when and to what level of detail.

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UK National Annex 2021 Discipline vs Role

NA.2 Information container identification (ID) – Discipline

The field ‘Role’ has been renamed ‘Discipline’ in the most recent edition of BS EN ISO-2 19650-2:2018 NA February 2021.

The previously used role codes, derived from BS 1192:2007, had conflicts associated with contractual statuses such as client, contractor, and subcontractor, or sometimes inappropriate use of occupation title such as architect. [1]

As a result, the list of standard codes has been revised with the goal of aligning disciplines with project activities; a comparison of changes is shown in Table 1.

codeBS EN ISO 19650-2 2018BS EN ISO 19650-2 2018, NA 02/2021
Bbuilding surveyorbuilding surveying
Ccivil engineercivil engineering
Ddrainage, highways engineerdemolition/dismantling
Eelectrical engineerelectrical engineering
Ffacilities managerfacilities/asset management
Ggeographical and land surveyorground engineering
Hheating and ventilation designer (deprecated)highways and transport engineering
Iinterior designerNot used
KclientNot used
Llandscape architectlandscape architecture
Mmechanical engineermechanical engineering
ONot usedother discipline
Ppublic health engineerpublic health engineering
Qquantity surveyorquantity surveying/cost consultancy
RNot usedproject management
Sstructural engineerstructural engineering
Ttown and country plannertown and country planning and building control
Wcontractorwater engineering
Xsubcontractornon-discipline specific or not applicable
Yspecialist designertopographical surveying
Zgeneral (non-disciplinary)multiple disciplines
Table 1 – UK National Annex Discipline vs Role

[1] Boutle, A., Dodd, P., Dearlowe, J., Hooper, E., Ford, J., Rossiter, D., Tennyson, R., Thompson, N., Winfield, M., Zahiroddiny, S., 2021a. Guidance Part 2 Parties, teams and processes for the delivery phase of assets, 6th ed, UK BIM Framework. UK BIM Alliance.

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