acceptance criteria

evidence required for considering that requirements have been fulfilled [cited from ISO 19650-2:2018(en),] Information issued via the Common Data Environment (CDE) must comply with Project Information Requirements (PIR) outlined within the Responsibility Matrix to form part of project deliverables. As such, all information circulated via the CDE needs to comply with the following: Project […]

Level of information (LOI)

The term used in relation with management of the progression and uses of information. There is general confusion with the use of the term, due to range of other interrelated terms often used without due explanation. Level of information is related to: Level of Information Level of Accuracy Level of Coordination Level of Granularity The […]

Information model

set of structured and unstructured information containers (3.3.12) [cited from ISO 19650-1:2018(en), 3.3.8] ISO 19650 framework concentrates specifically on the information model concept, a term that contains multiple types of information (geometrical and/or non-geometrical). Term ‘Information model’ replaces the term ‘Model’ introduced in PAS 1192‑2 which was inconsistently used. formal model of a set of facts, concepts […]


degree to which a product, system or information provides functions that meet stated and implied needs when used under specified conditions [cited from: ISO/IEC 25010:2011(en), 4.2.1, added word ‘information’] appropriateness for supporting the functions (3.12) or activities of users (3.34) or stakeholders (3.29) [ cited from ISO 11863:2011(en), 3.30] Word suitability has been replaced by term status in ISO 19650 Framework The terms […]

data dictionary

centralized repository of information about data such as meaning, relationships to other data, origin, usage and formatNote 1 to entry: The definition is from IBM Dictionary of Computing BS EN ISO 23386:2020

buildingSMART Data Dictionary

PD 19650‑0:2019 In short, the BuildingSMART Data Dictionary is a library for everything to do with the building. NumberName is an int key and string value that can be stored in number names. In the dictionary, you can use zero objects as keys and values, in the dictionary data field as values

reference document

publication that is consulted to find specific information, particularly in a technical or scientific domain EXAMPLE See EN 771-1:2011+A1: 2015.Note 1 to entry: A reference document can be associated with any data present in a data dictionary (3.2). It caninclude document date and version.[SOURCE: ISO 23386:2020, 3.18, modified — EXAMPLE has been added; in Note […]


standard measurements of physical quantities that require a clear definition to be useful. The International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) is responsible for ensuring the standardization of the use of units of measurement in the measurement of weights and measures, as well as the definition and application of these in everyday life. real scalar […]

BS EN ISO 23386:2020

Building information modelling and other digital processes used in construction Methodology to describe, author and maintain properties in interconnected data dictionaries

data sheet

data template that is populated PAS 14191:2020