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Classification and Standardisation
Common Data Environment (CDE)
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Organization of information


BIM Functions

Examples of the project BIM functions are listed below. Besides, each party within the project team responsible for the creation of design information are to

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Design Web Format

Design Web Format (DWF), created by Autodesk. DWF is a compressed, non-editable, vector file format created by CAD and BIM applications. A DWF file can

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Fabrication Model

Digital Model(s) created from shop drawings to support fabrication and installation. Fabrication models are reviewed and approved by the A/E for conformance to design specifications.1

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physical structure (asset) or installation, including related site, works, serving one or more main purposeNOTE: Typically, a facility will require management over part or all

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Facility Data

The non-graphical information attached to objects in the Model that defines various characteristics of the object. Facility Data can include properties such as parametric values

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Facility Lifecycle

This refers to the time span stretching from a building’s conception to demolition including the five distinctive phases (Planning, Design, Construction, Operations, and Disposition).1 1

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Facility management (FM)

Facility management (FM) is an organizational function that integrates people and processes within the built environment to improve the functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of

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Acircuit condition in which current flows through an abnormal or unintended path. The fault current may flow from line to line (phase fault) or line

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Federated Information Model

Information Model consisting of connected but distinct individual Information Models. [1] A model is federated when two or more of the discipline models are electronically

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Jarek Wityk

federation strategy

The purpose of the federation strategy and the Information Container (model) breakdown structure is to help plan the production of information by separate task teams

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Final Circuit

A circuit connected directly to current-using equipment, or to a socket-outlets or other outlet points for the connection of such equipment.

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fragmentation request

A fragmentation request corresponds to the deactivation of the property and the creation of several properties. After validation of the fragmentation request by the experts,

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structure of processes and specifications designed to support the accomplishment of a specific task[ISO/IEEE 11073-10201:2004, definition 3.22] PD ISO/TS 12911:2012

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The functions shall not be confused with the job titles of the individuals, which can differ between organisations. The important factors are ownership, responsibility and

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k Factor

Factors for conductor materials from BS7671:2018,Table43.1. Different values are given for different types of conductor and insulatingmaterials. k2s2 used in adiabatic calculations gives the short-time

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Rating factors

Rating factors are divided into the nominal rating of the circuit protective device (In) to determine theminimum current-carrying capacity (Iz) of a cable in a

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