Work in Progress (WIP)

A supply-chain management term describing partially finished information awaiting completion. In other words, the Information model is not to be used by any other project party. Before progression onto the next phase, the respective Key BIM Contact must approve all information. The designated area which stores the as-built geometric, non-geometric and other Project information, relating to […]


All project Model Authors’ information for the use of the entire project team. The Federated Model Manager will combine all information for checking against the AIR. All team members should be using other parties’ information for their internal coordination checks. To progress to the next stage, the Coordination Manager must authorise all information. [source] PDE […]


Information accepted by the nominated party, in which case it will be suitable for tender or construction (2D model output only). Such that the ‘Published’ area should be maintained in two parts: an ‘Information Container Store’ to hold all the published level 2 files (documents, geographic models and non-geographic structured data Information containers), and a […]