specialization relation

relation between kinds of things that relates two concepts whereby the subtype concept is a more specific concept than the supertype concept and has all the aspects that define the supertype concept R1 role player: concept   R2 role player: concept   R1 role: subtype   R2 role: supertype   R1-R2 expression: is a specialization ofis a kind ofis […]

knowledge model

information model that expresses knowledge in a computer interpretable structure Note 1 to entry: A knowledge model consists of a number of expressions of facts about a concept, each of which expressions expresses something that can be the case. Those expressions should comply with the guidelines in this standard. A requirements model is a subtype of […]

intrinsic aspect

role that an aspect plays in a relationship with a possessor and that is dependent on the aspect as well as on the possessing object Note 1 to entry: Typically the name as well as the definition of an intrinsic aspect’ includes the kind of physical object that possesses the aspect. It may also be that […]

individual thing

the concept that classifies any real-world or imaginary thing that has an individuality that is not dependent on a commonality between things Note 1 to entry: This standard is about kinds of things that are defined as commonalities between things, defined by the constraints on aspects or ranges of values for aspects of individual things. Those […]


representation of a concept by a descriptive statement which serves to differentiate it from related concepts Note 1 to entry: A definition may be expressed as natural language text (a textual definition) or as a definition model. A textual definition should comply with the applicable guideline(s) in this standard. A definition expresses what is by definition the […]