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Classification and Standardisation
Common Data Environment (CDE)
Digital Twin
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Organization of information


Common Data Environment (CDE)
Jarek Wityk

single source of truth

In AEC industry with reference to information systems management, the single source of truth refers to Common Data Environment (CDE) The single source of truth

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Target Value Design

Target Value Designs (TVD) focus is on reducing the cost of a project without reducing the quality of the end product or extending the timetable.

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task team

The term, introduced by ISO 19650, describes a team of people working together on a specific task. task team might be an individual appointed party,

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A system for naming and organizing a set of words or phrases, into groups that share similar qualities, used for organising information and primarily intended

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TC 59

Technical Committee – Buildings and civil engineering works

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tension between hope and ambiguity

term coined by Deloitte[1], it is a current situation where whilst businesses conceptually understand the significant changes that information Management (IM) and technology may bring,

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Jarek Wityk

Terminology and UK Contract Law

The use of terms such as Lead Appointed Party, Appointed Party and Task Team in lieu of terms: employer, supplier, contractor and subcontractor, require clarification

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tertiary power source

A Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or standby generator connected to dedicated final circuits of the distribution infrastructure. Enhance the infrastructure resilience and can improve maintenance

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Text Annotation

Text annotations are a way for a modeller to provide additional information to a BPMN diagram reader. The text annotation object can be associated with

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The Gemini Principles

Purpose: Must have clear purpose Public good Must be used to deliver genuine public benefit in perpetuity Value creation Must enable value creation and performance

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third party

person or body that is recognized as being independent of the parties involved with the issues in question [1] Note 1 to entry: “Parties involved” are

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Tier 1

In the construction industry, Tier 1 is a Contractor referred in ISO 19650 as the Lead appointed party, who provide goods or services directly to

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Tier 2

In the construction industry, Tier 2 is a Contractor referred in ISO 19650 as the Appointed party with a sub-contract who provide goods or services

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