Exchange Information Requirements (EIR)

The Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) term introduced by BS EN 19650 replaces the PAS 1192 term Employer Information Requirements (EIR) on all projects where BS EN ISO 19650 compliance is required. As the AEC industry transitions from PAS 1192 to the BS EN 19650 Framework, the term Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) may cause some confusion. […]

UK BIM Framework (roadmap)

UK BIM Framework roadmap! Almost three years have passed since the first BS EN ISO19650-1 standard was published.A lot of work has been done; some people are upset about the constant change, but we need to move quickly!We’d better get used to it, embrace it – it’s a fact of life. If I missed anything, […]

acceptance criteria

evidence required for considering that requirements have been fulfilled [cited from ISO 19650-2:2018(en),] Information issued via the Common Data Environment (CDE) must comply with Project Information Requirements (PIR) outlined within the Responsibility Matrix to form part of project deliverables. As such, all information circulated via the CDE needs to comply with the following: Project […]

PAS 1192 vs ISO 19650 terms

Quick reference guide In here you can find a quick reference guide with PAS1192 and ISO 19650 terminology comparison. PAS references (superseded) ISO References (current) Pre-contract BEP Pre-appointment BEP Post-contract BEP Post-appointment BEP LOD Level of information need graphical geometrical non-graphical non-geometrical project clients appointing parties BIM execution plan Information delivery plan – ISO 19650‑1 […]

Comparison of ISO 19650 Part 2 and 3

Workflow comparison First, I constructed an information exchange process diagram based on ISO 19650 Part 2 dedicated to the delivery phase of an asset lifecycle (project delivery). Next, I have created an equivalent process for asset operation in accordance with ISO 19650 Part 3. The workflow is depicted in Figure 1 the process shown illustrates […]


This is an ISO 19650 term which replaces the PAS1192 term “graphical”. Geometrical is more appropriate to describe spatial positioning and relationships

Level of information need

The term describes the details and amount of information required. It is a framework which defines the extent and granularity of data to be exchanged. The term related to information which is exchanged and delivered throughout the life cycle of built assets Level of information need describes the Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) as part of […]

BIM Execution Plan (BEP)

The purpose of the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is to clearly define the actions required of each member of the project team in order to successfully deliver the BIM workflows on the project. BEP shall provide the required project information at both a strategic level, to satisfy the pre-appointment BEP requirements as, and at a […]

CDE state

This term replaces the ‘CDE area’ PAS 1192 term, the idea is the location of the information (container) is not important but its state. Area and section imply moving information from one place to another. This is not necessary in a CDE.

information container

A persistent set of information retrievable from within a file, system, or application storage hierarchy. [1] named persistent set of information retrievable from within a file, system or application storage hierarchy[SOURCE: BS EN ISO 19650-1:2018, 3.3.12] EXAMPLE: Including sub-directory, information file (including model, document, table, schedule), or distinct sub-set of an information file such as […]