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Common Data Environment (CDE)
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Jarek Wityk

change strategy

Concept of change strategy involves identifying objectives, formulating intervention concepts for change, forming and defining success parameters, and implementing strategies. This includes testing the effectiveness

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Required Standard

means the level of skill and care applicable to the Party’s equivalent obligation under the Appointment. [1] [1] UK BIM Framework, 2020. Information protocol to

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Bid response should include a scope management plan containing all the tasks necessary for successful project delivery. The plan shall define the implementation and verification

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secondary power supply (SPS)

alternative or supplementary electrical energy sources has become more viable, typical secondary power supply (SPS) Photovoltaic (PV) power Wind turbine power standby generator

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state of relative freedom from threat (3.13) or harm caused by deliberate, unwanted, hostile or malicious acts [cited from ISO 19650-5:2020(en), 3.7]

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security breach

infraction or violation of security (3.7) [1] 1 Online Browsing Platform (OBP) [WWW Document], n.d. URL (accessed 4.10.21).

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Security Management Plan

A document (or part of a document) identified in the Information Particulars setting out the security requirements for carrying out the Works in a security-minded

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Selectivity is achieved where,under overcurrent conditions, the protective device nearest the fault operates rather than any protective device on the supply side of it,ensuring that

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Semantic Web

The Semantic Web, as defined by Ontotext[1] is the extension of the existing information and data on a network (or Web) to include data descriptors,

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Sensitive Information

information, the loss, misuse or modification of which, or unauthorized access to, could:(a) adversely affect the privacy, welfare or safety of an individual or individuals;(b)

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Set-Based Design

Set-Based Design commonly referred to as a set-based design innovation or set-based concurrent engineering. It is a product development approach where teams consider a wide

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All project Model Authors’ information for the use of the entire project team. The Federated Model Manager will combine all information for checking against the

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Common Data Environment (CDE)
Jarek Wityk

single source of truth

In AEC industry with reference to information systems management, the single source of truth refers to Common Data Environment (CDE) The single source of truth

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smart asset management

The terminology such as digital built environment and smart asset management, often referred to as Digital Construction, encompasses multiple technologies and processes related to information

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smart building

The term “smart building” was originally introduced by the European Union in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)[1] as one of the main enablers of the

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