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term introduced first in PAS 1192 and updated in ISO 19650 framework, it depicts the process of specifying and delivery of project and asset information

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forms a framework that supports informed and consistent decision making by project teams, at each work stage, helping to deliver agreed and reliable information.

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Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) term introduced by BS EN 19650 replace the PAS 1192 term Employer Information Requirements (EIR) on all projects where BS EN ISO 19650 compliance is required.

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The term introduced by ISO 19650 typically describes the Tier 1 Main Contractor.

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breakdown structure to help plan the production of information

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schedule of information containers and delivery dates, for a specific task team

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An MPDT its old PAS 1192 term, the MPDT defines who produces what, when and to what level of detail.

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Term used to describe the relationship between organisation that provide materials, products or services for the client.

Referring to ISO 19650 Framework the supply chain is synonymous to a ‘delivery team’ However a supply chain is every appointed party (Appointee), appointed to provide materials, products or services during delivery, operational or demolition phase of an asset lifecycle

    UK BIM Alliance responding to the inconsistency between current  guidance of CIC BIM Protocol, Second Edition 2018 and ISO 19650 Framework published updated Information protocol to support BS EN ISO 19650-2 the delivery phase of assets (Framework). The publication recognized the need for incorporation of new terms used in contract law, namely : ‘Appointor’ and ‘Appointee’. The meaning of the terms in relation to ISO 19650 Framework is shown in Table 1

Table 1- Framework terms ‘Appointor’ and ‘Appointee’

Framework TermISO 19650 Termmeaning
AppointorAppointing Partyparty carrying out the appointment for this contract/appointment

Example: Client appointing the Lead Appointed Party or Lead Appointed Party appointing the Sub Contractor (Task Team/Appointed Party)

Framework TermISO 19650 Termmeaning
AppointeeLead Appointed party or
Appointed Party
party being appointed

Example: the Tier 1 appointed by the Client or Task Team sub-contractor appointed by Tier 1

To establish if a specific party is an Appointee or the Appointor, it is necessary to determine where the party sits in the supply chain. For example, the Lead Appointed Party will be the:

  • Appointee in the Tire 1 contract

i.e., Appointing Party and Lead Appointed Party, and

  • Appointor in the sub-contract

i.e., between Lead Appointed Party and Appointed Party [1]

[1] UK BIM Framework, 2020. Information

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